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Faster eCommerce Websites – Crucial for Increasing Sales

November 11, 2013



Do you get frustrated with time-consuming page loading or a slow eCommerce website response? Of course yes! We all have faced slow page loading response several times when we visited internet world, especially online shopping sites. But did you ever give it a thought that it might result to a dip for sales? In the […]

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X-Cart Framework – Did You Know These?

November 9, 2013



Time and again, we have head the name X-Cart whenever the question of eCommerce and online shopping is chimed in. But the actual condition is such that a vast majority of us who claim to know everything under the sun is still unaware of what exactly X-Cart is. It’s high time someone explained what X-Cart […]

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Qualities To Look For In eCommerce Software

September 14, 2012



When you are planning to create an online business, you will want to be able to create it as easily as possible. To do so, it takes great products to help you. One of those products is eCommerce software. There are many of these products available online today to help you in developing and maintaining […]

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