SEO Writing - Crucial Elements to Focus On

Top 5 Tips to Write an Exceptional SEO Friendly Article for your Blog

Writing an exceptional SEO friendly article is a creditable job. Here I am giving you some tips on how you can achieve the compliments of writing a great search engine optimized article in a professional way. These tips will also help you to understand how you can prevent yourself to make your content over-optimized. One thing always needs to be kept in mind that your writing should be very simple and very much understandable to the mass of people you … Continue Reading…

SEO Tips Techniques

5 SEO Techniques for Ranking in 2016

If you are going to start working on Search Engine Optimization for ranking your website, then you should prep up on some of the easiest ranking techniques that will get your products or services on top of Google search results. Driving large traffic to your business or personal website will require you to do many hours of research and planning to get started. Many times digital marketing enthusiasts are stuck on outdated techniques because employers don’t allow them to properly … Continue Reading…

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Creative Writing is Essential – Here’s How to Improve it

If you think that creative writing is just a fun thing and irrelevant to most jobs, you’d be wrong. Creative writing is a skill that can be applied to many different tasks in modern business, such as social media – and any sensible business knows that social media is a vital way of promoting their services or products. A clever marketing campaign can reach a vast pool of potential clients, but a team will need creative writing skills to draw … Continue Reading…

Content Marketing Tactics Graph Strategy

Content Strategies: Customer Engagement is Earned, Not Given

Regardless of the business you’re in, you’re likely to hear the word ‘strategy’ several times a day; what would your business be without several carefully planned, and expertly executed strategies, after all? One of the most useful approaches you’re ever likely to create, though, is a content marketing strategy – that is, a plan centered around your company’s narrative voice and the way it communicates with potential customers. A business without an audience will flounder quite quickly, and so it’s … Continue Reading…

Social Media Marketing

Best Digital Marketing Channel for your Business

Digital marketing has emerged as a new tool for business promotion and growth. As the technology evolves, the traditional way of marketing has become obsolete. The use of computer system and mobile devices has drastically increased in the last decade, forcing businesses to promote and sell their products on the internet.  Still, traditional print and media advertising is somehow effective but if you look statistically, digital marketing can save up to 62% of promotion cost.  What adds to the popularity … Continue Reading…

Writing - Essay - Assignment - Article

7 Tips to Write a Better & Effective Essay

Writing an effective essay is not always an easy job. It is true that writing an essay requires some technique or rather good tips which if followed can bring a better result at the end. Especially, when you are writing the essay for an educational reason, is a must case. Let’s know 7 techniques that can help you to improve the quality of your essay to the next level. 1) Selection of Topic: Before starting to write something, you will … Continue Reading…

Paid Content Advertising

How to Make your Content Reach a Larger Audience Using Paid Content

Paid Content Distribution: You’ve probably heard the phrase and have even implemented paid ads on various platforms. However, you’re lost as to all the tools you could be using. Even more, you want more engagement from your readership and more ROI. In this article are a few tools and tips and tricks to help get you going and to expand your readership. Growing Opportunities: The meteoric rise of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes in … Continue Reading…

Content at the Heart of Print

Content at the Heart of Print

Content is what drives the print industry and organizational success as a whole. Content marketing has taken over traditional advertising methods and has undoubtedly taken the lead. What makes content have such a powerful impact? The answer is simple. Subtly incorporating accurately phrased content which identifies the problem statement and addresses it, does the job. Also, it can be leveraged to the general public through social media. Budgeting done at the beginning of a fiscal year ensures that they allocate … Continue Reading…

5 Guidelines to Attaching the Perfect Picture to Your Content

5 Guidelines to Attaching the Perfect Picture to Your Content

Remember the lines you read from your favorite children’s book? You probably don’t. But what about the cover picture of that book? Still clicks huh?! Yeah, I know. Our brain is wired to respond more when viewing visual content rather than written. When was the last time you read an online article without a picture attached? Yes, it’s hard to remember. This phenomenon clearly shows how important imagery has become in content selling. This article is all about it. It … Continue Reading…

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