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The Evolution of Android

June 16, 2014



Android is one of the most popular and widely used operating systems throughout the world. This OS is based on Linux kernel having a UI based on the direct manipulation and is mainly designed for touchscreen gadgets. It is estimated that roughly 71% of the devices throughout the world are based on Android OS. Android […]

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Simple & Expert Level Fixes for Common Android Phone Problems

February 11, 2014


Android Phones

Are you tired with your Android smartphone or tablet malfunctioning all the time? Well, there is a high chance that you are not using it the way it’s supposed to be. Android phones have been ridiculed for their high resource usage, lag and breakdown, but this happens with all the smartphones available in the market. […]

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Android Monitoring – A Sharp Edge Technology for Largest Smartphone Platform

November 18, 2013

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Android Monitoring

The storm of Android smartphone has been around for a longtime now. The storm is still not over. New gadgets are making this Android platform more popular. With new tablets and smartphones on Android and their growing usage it gives many reasons to be sold like hotcakes. The biggest of the features Android supports also […]

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Wearable Tech (Smart Watch / Google Glass) – Is it here to stay?

September 25, 2013


Wearable Tech

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you won’t have been able to avoid all the talk and hype about wearable tech recently. In the last few months we have had Google Glass, watches that are advanced as your smart phone and all sorts of other innovative inventions. Technology companies are constantly ploughing money […]

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Future of Windows Phones in Smartphone Technology Market

July 26, 2013

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Use of Smartphones is rapidly taking over the digital world. It is the most anticipated technological colonization in the future. Invention of IOS, Android and Windows operating systems for these phones has led to greater innovations in the set of applications they offer. The world is waiting for a technology to replace the bulky computers, […]

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Android vs Windows Phone – The Smartphone Battle

June 6, 2013


android vs windows phone

Introduction (Android vs Windows Phone Battle): Smartphone market has become a highly contested battleground where pitched battles are being waged by the giants from mobile manufacturing segment flexing their muscles and wielding the different models loaded with several warheads called features and apps. These wars are making news in the smart phones arena for quite […]

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Google Glass – Is It Good or Bad?

May 31, 2013


Google Glass

Google is never tired of inventing new technologies that are built around ultimate user experience up on which the users should way “Wow!” The developers at Google slog day in and day out to make the curious customers to get bejeweled with wonderful apps and be ever thankful to the inventor. With Google Glass, this internet […]

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Why Can’t Google Help Android Mobile Owners To Find Their Lost Ones!

April 23, 2013


anti theft

I am starting this article by giving some facts of Google: Yeah, the last one is quite strange for anyone who is possessive about Google and its unabated enthusiasm to bring out or take over new innovations, more often than not. It is true that Google did pay some attention towards this topic but the […]

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Play Store Android Apps

April 1, 2013


Google Play Store

Mobile Phones are the most attractive necessity of everyday life. Mobile Phones have come a long way from earlier stages. From Black & White screens to color screens, from keypad design to touch phones Mobile phones have emerged as a basic necessity. With the passage of time and advancement in the technology, the use of […]

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