The Useful Android Apps Worth Downloading

The Useful Android Apps Worth Downloading

As an Android user, how many apps do you have installed on your Smartphone? Are those lagging the system due to occupying a lot of space? If yes, then we suggest you to uninstall the ones that you do not use and install the ones that we are going to suggest you in this article. There are many apps that perform the same function, but then there are some that would be on top of them all. All you need … Continue Reading…

10 Best Mobile App Development Tools - A Preview

10 Best Mobile App Development Tools – A Preview

Over the last few years, the mobile App market has taken a massive leap due to the constant migration of businesses and enterprises towards mobility. Modern day businesses want their taskforce to be mobile and always up to take the call. Both medium and large sized companies are adapting to a mobile world enabling anytime smartphone and tablet access. This has resulted in a number of players coming in the market offering a range of features and functionalities in the … Continue Reading…

5 Tips to Design High Performance Mobile User Experiences

5 Tips to Design High Performance Mobile User Experiences

The excellent user experiences with a mobile application are the natural expectations of any user. Although various contributors exist for the mobile user experiences, performance is a crucial one among the all. Of course, performance comes through various means for a mobile app, but mobile app design is primary one and vital step to deliver high-performance user experiences. Unlike static, big sister computing devices, mobile devices are unique in use cases, forms, OS, and connectivity. These all factors ultimately are … Continue Reading…

How Google Spies on You Round The Clock (Infographic)

How Google Spies on You Round The Clock (Infographic)

With the ever growing dependence on the Internet and technology, privacy is becoming a well-valued luxury. Everyone is under the impression that their personal material, pictures, videos, and the information are safe in an online cloud storage space provided by Google under Google Drive, however, what if you were to find out that there is an external source that has unlimited access to all this information? While all your personal information may be safe from the prying eyes of everyone … Continue Reading…

iPhone Spy Apps

Tips for Monitoring Your Child’s Safety with iPhone Spy Apps

Our kids are delicate beings and require proper and steady attention on the hour. Keeping them safe is of paramount necessity. While we can’t always be close to kids physically, we could always stay close by and monitor them to make sure they are free from harm’s way thanks to rapid technological development. Since kids will always be kids and try to do what other kids do, go out to fun places, hang out with friends, and of course use … Continue Reading…

smart watches

10 Best Selling Newly Launched Smart Watches

Are you searching for Smart Watches? Looking to purchase a new one for you? Or planning to gift your loved one? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article we are listing 10 Best Selling Newly Launched Smart Watches. Review the list. Hopefully you will find the best match to buy your desired one. This list is updated daily, so you will always get the current updated rank & market report. Each listing displays … Continue Reading…

Xiaomi Mi4C 4G Smartphone - Features & Specification Review

Xiaomi Mi4C 4G Smartphone – Features & Specification Review

Xiaomi has recently launched another excellent smartphone: Xiaomi Mi4C 4G Smartphones (Standard & Advanced Version). Xiaomi is one of the well known Chinese smartphone manufacturer who always tries to provide full of goodness and usefulness. Both Standard & Advanced version are packed with same features & goodness. But advanced version is more superior in terms of it’s internal memory (ROM) and RAM. This impressive smartphone is currently in Pre-Sale. Gearbest is taking order for this, but they will start shipping of your ordered … Continue Reading…

ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smartwatch - Review

ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smartwatch – Features & Specifications Review

In the world of Smart watch, one new smart watch has come into the field. The name of this smart watch is ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smart watch. This smart watch is very unique in terms of looking’s and pricing. The main highlighting factors are the price. Like other smart watch, this watch is also having lots of exciting features, but the price kept is just $25.74. Is it really a good factor to be considered? To find out, let’s get … Continue Reading…

DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet (Smartphone)

DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet (Smartphone) – Features & Specifications Review

DOOGEE Mobile is currently introducing “DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet“, a really awesome smartphone in an awesome pre-launch price. This smartphone is having lots of exciting features but surprisingly the pre-sale price kept is very reasonable in compare to its quality. The introductory price of this smartphone is just $139.99.  You can currently pre-order this Phablet within September 29, 2015. They start shipping by September 30. DOOGEE Mobile is not a new brand name in the field of smartphone. So we can … Continue Reading…

Beelink R68 TV Box (RK3368) - Android 5.1 - featured

Beelink R68 TV Box (RK3368) – Android 5.1 – Review

Now a day, paying a high amount of cable charges and subscriptions still can’t give you that 100% satisfaction that you must be looking for. But now you can cherish and celebrate. The news is, Beelink have launched a super quality product called Beelink R68 TV Box (RK3368). They are clamming; by using it you can enjoy the whole world from your home. You will enjoy watching Live TV shows, photos, music, sporting events and lots more interesting and your … Continue Reading…

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