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Somoto, a name created from the first two letters of what this company is all about – Software Monetization Tools, is a relatively new kid on the block (first product offering in 2009) but then again, in this world of hi-tech that we inhabit, three years is an eternity, and Somoto continues to add to their product offering, so they must be doing something right.

The tool for which Somoto is probably best known is their toolbar. The Somoto Toolbar was developed specifically with the Facebook and Twitter set in mind. Somoto recognized a need for a toolbar that targeted the social media set and created it. They gave users a better experience by adding features such as DealBulldog, Facesmooch, and Filebulldog to the toolbar. Once the users tasted the honey, it was easy to attract the software developing bees as they were provided a captive audience for their wares.

As Somoto state on their website, “We have made it our mission to provide freeware and shareware developers with a straightforward and simple method to monetize, enhance and distribute their offerings.”

The Somoto offering was apparently a compelling one. They identified a need in the market, addressed it, and are seemingly reaping the benefits acting as the intermediary between the users and advertisers that they attract and the software developers, who they help with their deficiencies – the ability to attract advertisers and maintain and nurture these relationships. Consequently, everyone can concentrate on what they do best.

By partnering with Somoto, software developers can grow their business much more quickly and at lower cost than what they could otherwise due to the hard yards that Somoto has already put in. With Somoto’s business model, technology, and zero integration policy, publishers can effectively pursue new revenue channels, build brand equity, and distribute their software. Of course, there is a price for this, but the price is worthwhile.

Somoto’s customer support is second to none and their account managers are friendly, informed, and reliable. They realize that the only way in which they will succeed is if their partners succeed.

Somoto has just released their BetterInstaller platform to maximize revenue to assist developers in maximizing revenue from software downloads. It seems to be another well thought out tool from a company that seems to do its homework before releasing a new product.

Somoto seems to be a company on a mission. They have their business plan and by all indications are executing it exceedingly well. It’s always nice to see a young company succeeding by following a sound vision and meeting a market need.

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