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BetterInstaller is the latest product offering from Somoto, a company that develops software monetization tools. It is Somoto’s belief that software developers should concentrate on what they do best, such as developing software, and leave the job of attracting advertisers and maximizing the return from software to experts such as themselves. So how does BetterInstaller stack up in meeting these objectives?

After first hearing about BetterInstaller by Somoto I contacted one of my software developer buddies and ran the concept past him. As luck would have it, he was just about to launch a new piece of software and agreed to test drive BetterInstaller.

I must state though, that from the first he was very excited by the concept of not having to deal with advertisers so that he could focus his attention on his ‘baby’. He also liked the fact that it was free.

After contacting BetterInstaller, my friend was contacted by an account manager who was apparently very personable, knowledgeable, and professional. Any queries were promptly and efficiently dealt with.

Integrating BetterInstaller to the software couldn’t have been easier and due to the use of HTML5, BetterInstaller could be customized to keep the look and feel consistent with his software. My friend’s software is based on an NSIS installation platform. He states that the SDK he was provided was very easy to follow. He also integrated the offer screen capabilities of the platform so as to attract additional downloads. Due to the multi-thread CDN, his software was placed on the Amazon S3 cloud. He felt a tangible difference in the speed of the downloads which resulted in higher completion rates. Just for the record, BetterInstaller is also compatible with INNOSetup installers.

Now for the advertising. Somoto claim to work with over 100 different premium Tier 1 advertising campaigns at any given time. The advantages of working with Tier 1 advertisers is obvious – no Adware, Spyware, Malware, or Spam. And true to form, there were no complaints from downloaders about any of these issues. So it seems as though BetterInstaller is safe and secure and won’t compromise the veracity of your software.

But getting down to the bottom line, my friend claims that he has never had such a positive reception to a piece of his software both in terms of downloads and advertising revenue. He would like to think it is the brilliance of his new software that has done the trick but he knows better.

BetterInstaller is compatible with all the major browsers and is effective for shareware, open source and freeware.

So, did BetterInstaller live up to its own hype? Suffice to say my friend has subsequently integrated BetterInstaller to all his other software.

For more info check @ Somoto Inc

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