FAQ – RSMonials (Text & Picture is not aligned correctly)

September 5, 2012



Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: Agne

Subject: Text around image

Agne: I have been using your component and I love it. One this that bothers me: is it possible to make text wrap around the picture in testimonial? Now the text is below the picture and it takes a lot of space. And I don’t know why, but it is shown article title on the page. I removed all default settings in joomla, that it wouldn’t be show, but it is still there. Maybe I should change something in css fail to make it disappear? I would appreciate your help!

Support Team: Thanks for your email. There should be some css issue in your website. If you provide us the URL where we can check the problem then we can provide you the exact solution.

Agne: Thank you for your replay. URL is: ###—HIDDEN—###

Support Team: Please add this CSS code at the end of the CSS file: .RSWS_testi_main td { vertical-align:top !important; }

Agne: Oh, it worked! Looks lovely. Thanks a lot! And what about the issue with the title? Is it possible to hide it?

Support Team: OK, Just add this CSS code again at the end of the CSS file: #main-content div.item-page { display:none !important; }

Agne: Again, thank you for your help! Everything works just fine. Have a lovely day!

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82 Responses to “FAQ – RSMonials (Text & Picture is not aligned correctly)”

  1. ishato Says:

    Hi, rsmonials scroll module dont show testmonials. Please help me


  2. bharath Says:

    i am using joomla2.5.9 with rsmonials 2.0 version.Actually my problem is rs monials are displaying out of my component div so that my site structure is disturbed on testimonials page.

    i am displaying testimonials using main menu->menu item type->rs monials( displaying using rsmonials component)

    Please Let me know how can i display all my testimonials within component div instead of out of component div.

    Thank You,


    • Souvik Says:

      Actually when you are using the menu manager to create the menu item of RSMonials then by default it should display under the main component section of your template. May be some-how in your case it is not working so. If you provide the URL where we can review the problem then we can able to give you a quick solution.


      • bharath Says:

        Thank You very much Souvik, for You Quick replay.
        But right now i Managed this issue by using some css tips on particular menu item.

        Let me know how to change the height and width of images in rsmonials scroller module.

        Thank you,


        • Souvik Says:

          You can set the “maximum image width” and “maximum image height” in module parameter section. That is the only option to manage the image. Image will auto resize accordingly, but not exceed the “maximum image width” and “maximum image height”.


  3. Luigi Says:

    Hello excellent component, but I can not receive notification via e-mail why?
    thank Luigi


  4. avnorth Says:

    Great component! Do you have one for WordPress?

    My question is about spammers – is there anyway to block them by email?
    I have the captcha set and working but these are the losers that waste their time AND mine by personaly inputing their junk to get past the captcha.

    Thank you again for a great plugin


    • Souvik Says:

      Currently there is a default captcha and a ReCaptcha option is available to get protection from SPAM. We know this is not enough. We are already implementing some other security features and will release it in our next version.


  5. Patrick Says:

    Hello Dear.
    I got around the settings great.Now the problem is I don´t receive mail when a testimonial is posted and this message is building up in the manage testimonial page.Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/45/d430379233/htdocs/www/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14
    And this one appear on the top.
    Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/45/d430379233/htdocs/www/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/admin.rstestimonials.php on line 60.
    Any suggestion to solve the problem?
    Thank you.


    • Souvik Says:

      Please try to set the following in the php.ini file of your server:

      error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
      display_errors = Off


      • Patrick Says:

        Hello Souvik.
        Thank you for your time answering and sorry but it´s not working for me.
        My joomla site doesn´t have a php.ini so I created one (not sure about syntax cause I´m not a programmer). I put in the root directory, in the admin directory and in both RS-monials component directories without success.Any idea?
        Thanks again.


  6. pravin Says:

    please help me i have to use rsmonials it’s nice one . resmonials scroller modules working done but rsmonials component is not working . if i link to the menu >> internal link >> rsmonials it’s showing the error ” undifined index page” please solve my problem. current i am working in localhost.


  7. Jayashree Says:

    I am using RS monials v 1.5.3. My testimonials display serially whenever the page is refreshed. It currently displays the older ones first. is there way I can sort them so the latest(new) ones are displayed first? If yes how do I do that?


    • Souvik Says:

      The testimonials display as per date, order by newest to oldest. Date can be changed by editing any testimonial from admin panel.


      • Jayashree Says:

        testimonials are not getting displayed by date(newest to oldest). It is displaying the oldest first. I have a testimonial posted on 2012-8-09 which is displayed first and the testimonial posted on 2103-3-28 is displayed last. I would like to have the 2013-3-28 testimonial displayed first. There is an ID column. Is there a way to change that or sort that. will it help if it is sorted?. Currently the testimonial with date 2012-8-09 had id 1 and the 2013-3-28 testimonial has id 9.


  8. Duksh Says:

    I am getting error:
    “Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/learn2013/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14″

    My php.ini is already configured with:
    error_reporting = E_ALL
    display_errors = Off

    Any hint please on what is causing this and how this can be solved? Thanks – I love this component


    • Souvik Says:

      May be following setting you need to set under “administrator” folders separately. Create one php.ini file using notepad and add the “error_reporting = E_ALL” and “display_errors = Off” on that file. Then upload it to the “administrator” folder. Then test again.


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