RSMonials FAQ – (Strict Standard Errors)

June 25, 2013



Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: Samuel Nduati

Subject: RSMonials – Strict Standard Errors in Joomla 2.5.

Samuel Nduati: Hi. I have installed the RS-Monials component on Joomla 2.5 but I get all types of strict standard errors messages. I have set already set the php.ini to:
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
display_errors = Off
Please offer me further assistant. This is the best component available.

Support Team: Thanks for your email. Our development team just inform us that they fixed some strict standard errors issues in our current version. The new modified file of our current version is already uploaded in our website. Can you please download and install it once? This may solve the problem you are currently facing. If not, then please email us again and we will surely help you.

Samuel Nduati: Thank you for your help. It seems the new version still got some issues. I still have the same problem.

Support Team: Can you please provide the info so we can review the problem?

Samuel Nduati: What info do you require?. I have no problem providing.

Support Team: If the problem is in admin panel, then we need super admin login details. If it is in front-end then please provide us the link so we can review the problem.

Samuel Nduati: Here are the details:
URL: ###—HIDDEN—###
Username: ###—HIDDEN—###
Password: ###—HIDDEN—###
Please let me know if you need any other info.

Support Team: Thanks for the info. We reviewed your website and find our some issues in our code. We modified those. Please check your website now and let us know error is coming or not.

Samuel Nduati: Thank you. Its works. What was the issue? For future purpose if I may ask?

Support Team: We forget to disable the error reporting in our component code. It is now fixed. In time of future use, just make sure to download the latest file from our website. Then you will not face same problem again.

Samuel Nduati: Thank you. Rs Monials you are the best. I love the component, I love your support.

Support Team: Thank you. If you need any further help in future feel free to contact us using our support form. If you like our extension please rate us at Joomla extension directory (JED).

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16 Responses to “RSMonials FAQ – (Strict Standard Errors)”

  1. Ajay Says:

    I am getting this “Notice: Undefined index: id in C:\xampp\htdocs\ajay\test_Joomla3Gantry_MFA\administrator\components\com_rsmonials\admin.rstestimonials.php on line nnn” on admin area,

    and an “Undefined” in the scroller module


    • Souvik Banerjee Says:

      Please edit your server’s php.ini file and set “display_errors” to “Off”. This settings is also recommended by Joomla.


  2. v s punn Says:

    Is it possible to have the testimonial form on a module position.


  3. Mightec Says:

    I am using your modual within a responsive web designed website. Unfortunately, the modual does not appear to be responsive and remains static in the width. Is there any way I can make the modual responsive?


    • Souvik Banerjee Says:

      Yes, it is possible to make it responsive. You need to add some css. Can you please provide the URL of your website where we can review the problem? Then we can suggest you a quick solution.


  4. peaceandlove Says:

    We are moving from joomla 1.5 to 3 , we had lots of testimonials, how can we trasfer those automatically from 1.5 to 3


  5. suganthi Says:

    We are using Rsmonials but we got error in js
    TypeError: f.fname is undefined
    if(trim(f.fname.value) == ”) {

    So send the solution for this



  6. nagarjuna Says:


    I am using Rsmonials plugin. Its working good but I need some help from you.

    If any one submit Testimonial can we get any email alert to the administrator ?

    can you please help me on that



  7. Alessandro Says:

    In my error_log file I have this error:

    Mon Aug 05 15:24:07 2013] [error] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined index: page in /var/www/ on line 20.

    this error is repeted 3 time for every visit. The log file grow to 20GB.



    • Souvik Says:

      If you’re on an Apache server, try setting the following values in a .htaccess file. The general format is:

      php_flag log_errors on
      php_value error_log /path/to/error.log
      php_value error_reporting 30711

      On the above the value “/path/to/error.log” may be changed as per your server configuration.


      • Viktor Says:

        Good day. I have installed the RS-Monials component on Joomla 2.5.14 but I get many errors.
        in admin panel on localhost:

        Notice: Undefined index: task in X:\home \localhost \www \srub \administrator \components \com_rsmonials \admin.rsmonials.php on line 16

        Notice: Undefined index: result in X:\home \localhost \www \srub \administrator \components \com_rsmonials \includes \admin.rsheader.php on line 32

        Notice: Undefined index: limit in X:\home \localhost \www \srub \administrator \components \com_rsmonials \admin.rstestimonials.php on line 47

        Notice: Undefined index: page in X:\home \localhost \www \srub \administrator \components \com_rsmonials \admin.rstestimonials.php on line 53

        and other …Why?


        • Souvik Says:

          Joomla recommends to set “display_errors” to “Off” in your php.ini settings. Please do it and the error will go.


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