FAQ – RSMonials (admin email don’t work)

January 10, 2012



Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: nikos

Subject: admin email don’t work

nikos: Hi, i installed ver 1.5.3 rsmonial in joomla 1.5 but it doen’t sent the information mail to admin that there is a new post. I have set the “admin_email”

Support Team: Thanks for your email. You can find there is another option at the end called “admin_email_alert“. You need to set this one to “true” to get the email alert. There may be a second page of settings, please check the bottom section of settings page.

nikos: OK it works! Thanks a lot


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49 Responses to “FAQ – RSMonials (admin email don’t work)”

  1. Msena Says:

    Hi! On the local host notification comes to the administrator and to combat the server does not. What could be the reason?


    • Souvik Banerjee Says:

      If you set “admin_email” & “admin_email_alert” correctly and still not getting email, please check the email configuration (under Global Configuration of Joomla admin) of your website is correct or not. You can also check the other emails of Joomla is working or not (like Joomla contact form, new user registration etc).


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