FAQ – RSFlashmatic (Notice: Undefined variable: rsws_ret)

January 6, 2012


rs flashmatic

Extension Name: RS-Flashmatic | From: Juan Maltes

Subject: php error

Juan Maltes: Hello, I’m getting the following error after the instalation, the slideshow is working fine but the errors are being displayed on the front page and I’d like to take them out:

Notice: Undefined variable: rsws_ret in C:\wamp\www\gestion\modules\mod_rsflashmatic\mod_rsflashmatic.php on line 20

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance,

Support Team: Thanks for your email. Just do one thing, you can find one file called “php.ini” in your server. Edit that file and set “display_errors” to “Off“. That’s all.

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  1. yoone Says:

    I would like to ask some error that I found out. It is all of the image links in the slide show do not work. i don’t know why. Please help?????


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