FAQ – RSFlashion (step by step instructions for first time user)

December 29, 2011



Extension Name: RS-Flashion | From: Nicki

Subject: Help Editing

Nicki: I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to upload pictures to the RS-Flashion I just installed for my web page. I have tried to look up support for this but have not had any luck. I am looking for step by step instructions (first time user).

Support Team: Thanks for your email. Please read this documentation (step-by-step instruction) first and try it: http://www.rswebsols.com/doc/rsflashion-support. If you still have any configuration problem please let us know.

Nicki: I actually found that document while browsing after sending support an email. I have everything set correctly however the below screen shot is what is appearing on my page:


It seems as though my images are not appearing and I have all of them located in the media manager in a slideshow folder. This is the link I copied into Image Folder:/home/rikluz/public_html/Joomla/images/myslideshow/. any suggestions?

Support Team: Instead of “/home/rikluz/public_html/Joomla/images/myslideshow/” just use “images/myslideshow/” as your image folder path.

Nicki: Thank you so much!


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15 Responses to “FAQ – RSFlashion (step by step instructions for first time user)”

  1. Kia Says:

    Hi there,

    I used your module for a client project at school and it’s great! But no matter what I do I can’t get the module to center in the homepage! I am new to Joomla and have tried a few different things but nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated. http://jordondesigns.com/movements/


  2. Andree Ochoa Says:

    Hi, one of my websites http://colegiofamilia.com has you module installed and the images are not loading, I tried erasing the xml files, I checked the image path and the permissions on the folders and files and they’re all good, can you please advice….


    • Souvik Says:

      It seems the xml file access is disabled in your server’s .htaccess file. As our module is generate all configuration settings from a xml file, you need to allow the access.


  3. patrick A Says:

    I installed the module, but I have no picture, rather a message “In order to view this object you need Flash Player 9 + support” I’m still in my local machine and i have FLASH


  4. Tisha Says:

    I’m just getting a blank background. The pictures don’t show at all. Thanks in advance for your help. http://www.tishalittlejohn.com/jgh/


    • Souvik Says:

      Just check your website. Images are not loading into the module. It seems the image path (or image folder path) is not correct. Please recheck.


  5. todd s. Says:

    Hey Souvik, I love the RSFlashion module, but I’m trying get it centered on my home page. I’ve tried editing all possible variable in my template’s CSS file without any success. Any hints? http://www.toddsipes.net


    • Souvik Says:

      You can try the following CSS code:

      div.main object#RSFlashionModule102 { margin: 0px 0px 40px 100px !important; }

      Please note: Here “102” is the “Module Id”. Also you can change the margin as per your requirement.


  6. julian Says:


    The Flash animation should be 2px lower, how can i implement it?


    • Souvik Says:

      At first login to your Joomla admin panel, go to the module manager section and find out the “module id” of RSFlashion module. Say the module id is “123”. Then add the following code into your template’s css file:

      #RSFlashionModule123 { margin-top:2px; }


  7. BudaBaB Says:

    How can I adjust the speed of the scrolling testimonials? For the longer ones, they are too fast to read through.


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