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FAQ – RS Cool MP3 Player (Play button does not display)

Extension Name: RS-CoolMP3Player | From: Stephanie Rosendahl

Subject: Mp3 player

Stephanie Rosendahl: I installed your Mp3 player to test it out and nothing shows up. ###— HIDDEN URL —### . The module is on the right and titled “CEO Interview”. Do you know why the play button does not display?

Support Team: We just review the “about” page your website. But unfortunately it seems the RSCoolMP3Player module is not enabled and configured properly. If it is possible to provide us the super admin login details of your website then we can help you to configure the module properly. If it is not possible then please take some screen-shot of the module parameter section and send us. This will also help us to find out the location of the problem.

Stephanie Rosendahl: The module is enabled on our “about us” page on the far right under “CEO Interview”. I have attached a couple of screenshots. Which section of the configuration did you want me to send to you for review? Thank you for your help. ###— HIDDEN SCREENSHOTS —###

Support Team: Thanks for the screen-shots. Can you please also send us the screen-shot of the “Advanced Option” section?

Stephanie Rosendahl: Thank you for your help. I have attached a screenshot of the “advanced option” section. ###— HIDDEN SCREENSHOTS —###

Support Team: Thanks for all screen-shots. Please do the following and let us know it is working or not:
1. “Advanced Option” : Set “Insert SWFObject File” to “Yes”. (Currently it is “No”).
2. “MP3 Son” : Here under “Name of Artist(s)” please replace the comma under {} using any other symbol. Currently it is {Stephanie Roendahl, GreenHostIT CEO interview}. Please make it similar like this: {Stephanie Roendahl – GreenHostIT CEO interview} .
After changing the above 2 please let us know.

Stephanie Rosendahl: Thank you for your help. It is working now.

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72 thoughts on “FAQ – RS Cool MP3 Player (Play button does not display)

  1. Hi

    First this is a neat cool app.

    I have installed it on a Joomla site and I can play a song. But I need to use it to play multiple songs listed on a particular page.
    The instruction mentioned “module parameter section” but I cannot find this in Module Manager: Module mod_rscoolmp3player of my site.

    I am using Joomla 3.3.2

    Can you help?
    Many thanks Ola

  2. Hi
    I have installed Rs Cool Mp3 Player.

    Everything is working fine excepts the wave.(not displaying)

    If I click on play button only the song is playing but the wave is not displaying .

    Can you help me in this.

    Thank you.

  3. I had installed rs cool mp3 player now i want to give image instead of letters is it possible

  4. i have used RS Cool Mp3 Player and i want to send the audio as email attachment can you give some idea ho can you manage that

  5. Hello dear Souvik,

    I have a problem that the module is not showing at all in Safari. Is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  6. hello souvik

    its possible to continue stay playing when changing joomla pages? so when i jump to oter page, player stop or begin from start.

    • Unfortunately our RS-CoolMP3Player can not able to continue playing in time of changing pages. For this you need to use any background music player plugin for Joomla. Please try to find out some plugin that can play in background.

  7. Hi!

    I have just installed the Cool mp3 player on the above mentioned Websites. When I publish the module the following error occurs:

    Warning: is_writable() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/web9/html/:/var/www/web9/phptmp/:/var/www/web9/files/:/var/www/web9/atd/:/usr/share/php/) in /var/www/web9/html/websites/friedrichs/libraries/joomla/filesystem/path.php on line 235

    I have established an index within my joomla root and put the mp3 fiels there. Is this not possible? Does it have to be an external URL where the mp3 files are sitting?

    Thank you.

    • URL of MP3 songs are not correctly set in your website. Please try the following:

      1. Upload the song files to “JoomlaRoot/images/2012_reunion_62/gleeclub/” folder (Or similar folder as per your wish, but make sure to upload songs under Joomla installation).

      2. Then use song URL some like this:

      That’s all.

  8. To the DEVELOPER..

    Sorry to say, but here is much CRAP exaplanation than a simple download link..
    why cant you guys who are so professionals not just put a DOWNLOAD BUTTON which is visible,,, but all your crap talking is all over this page.. to the developerthank you

    • Here is the direct download link for you:

      We always try to provide information that help our extension users. This page is one of the FAQ page. This FAQ helps you to solve a certain issue related to RSCoolMP3Player. If you check the main menu of our website you can see the “Download” link is available at the top of “Our Joomla Extensions”. You can get all download links from there.

  9. I would to put my website online, but RS Cool Mp3 Player don’t work on IE8??? Can I do something to fix it?

  10. Hi Souvik,

    It all worked fine until I changed a setting: link module to a selected page instead of ‘all pages’. Sound cannot be loaded now.

    Checked the setting in moduel manager and menu manager, all looks okay.

    Any suggestions?

    KR, Leo

  11. Hi,

    In mp3 songs configuration I have used the location on my computer for the song to be played: {C:\Users\mp3\nosros.mp3}, because that’s where it is located.
    Unfortunately this doesn’t work.

    Any suggestions?

    KR, Leo

    • Say your mp3 files are located at:


      And say one mp3 file name is “song1.mp3”.

      then you need to set the path like this:


      • Thanks Suvik.

        In my situation it only worked when I used the path: {images/audio/..mp3}

        Great player, by the way and appreciate your help.

        KR, Leo

  12. Can you give me an idea why your player does not show up in Firefox(using latest version) it works perfect in IE and Chrome.

  13. Hello,
    your module is great and simple, but i still have 2 problems when i’m using it :

    1 – the wave does not appears
    2 – the colors of the volume controls are wrong..

    Thanks by advance for your help.

  14. Hello, could you give me reply why is button Autoreply not working and also how can i hide name of artist on home page of my web site. Thank you

    • There are any of the following problem:

      1. Either you not set “Autoplay” to “Yes” in module parameter.
      2. You have more than one mp3 files configured.
      3. For the “Artist Name”, “Song Name” and “Song URL” you placed one comma at the end like this ” {XYZ}, “. Just remove the comma at the end.

  15. Hi!
    thanks for your great extension!
    since on the JED its marked as a GPLv2 or later-released ext. i was willing to modify its view so to fit on the top-right corner of the site
    Can you give some hints on how to do that if possible?
    I have some css,html,php and web-dev knowledges…


  16. I am testing your module on localhost. Will mp3 songs play on localhost or do you have to be online.

    I have used the following address for my mp3 song on localhost:

  17. I have downloaded and installed your RS Cool MP3 player but am having a problem. When I access the site and click on the menu button for a song, I go to the page where I have the “{}” link and what I see on that page is simply the above link. I have since commented the above link out and what I have now is:

    <a href=”media/StarryLights.mp3″ rel=”nofollow”>Starry Lights</a> by Corei Taylor

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

  18. Hello,

    I want to use the RS Cool mp3 player in a website I am making for someone, and it is working fine, and I love all the things you can customize yourself. But there is one thing I miss or cannot find:
    I made the height 20, and therefore wanted to put the songtitle and the name of the performer on one line.
    Have a look at , bottom right.
    Whenever I remove either the title or the performer, it adds it automatically. I just cannot get rid of it.

    I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.


  19. Hi, I’m having a few issues with RS Cool MP3 Player. I’m trying to add music samples (mp3’s) for a musician on my site.

    Issue #1: the player does not appear in Firefox or Google Chrome; the browsers create space for the players (I have a table with four columns, with four players in each column, for a total of 16 tracks). The players all display correctly in Internet Explorer.

    Issue #2: while the players all display correctly in IE, some of the tracks do not actually PLAY! I’ve tried renaming the ones that don’t work, I’ve tried re-encoding them (which helped one of them). Not sure where to go from here!

    The page in question is:


  20. (I use a translator) Hey, tell me how to do that would be the names of artists and songs you can write Cyrillic?

  21. ich habe gerade eine Software RS Cool Mp3 Player von eure Seite gekauft und auf meine Seite hochgeladen aber der sound kommt auf eine Schwarze und es ist keine konrol und menu zu sehen!!! was muss ich machen?

    • Hi, we will surely help you. But as we do not understand your language, can you please explain it in English? Also please provide the exact URL where we can review the problem.