RS-Spotter – New version 1.2 released today

September 21, 2010

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RS-Spotter – New version 1.2 released today

Hi all, today we released the new version (1.2) of our RSSpotter module. In the new version we added one option to enable/disable the insertion of “swfobject” JavaScript library file. This will help you to stop double insertion of same file if you are already using it in your template or in any other extension.

Basically RSSpotter is a flash news ticker and scroller module. This is a Joomla Module works natively in Joomla 1.5.x environment. This ticker floats a number of text items that have been defined in the admin panel. It is useful to add the headlines from your favourite sites to your own website. It is resizeable, you can change colors settings, you can set float direction, you can set items url redirection. The features of this module are:

  1. Customizable width and height of the ticker.
  2. Customizable color. From admin section you can able to change the color theme very easily. Everything like font color, background color, button color, all are customizable.
  3. You can also able to manage the ticker scrolling speed and the arrow speed.
  4. You can add 1 to 50 items into it.
  5. You can choose the items will display serially or randomly.

If you find any issue, or if you have any further query feel free to contact us anytime. Please find some quick links here:

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9 Responses to “RS-Spotter – New version 1.2 released today”

  1. Stefania Says:

    Hi, I’d love to use this extension, but unfortunately the news scroller is running on a black background which I cannot get rid off… Any idea why? Is it probably a Firefox / Explorer issue to be solved? I’ve checked all my settinggs and they seem just fine- Thank you for your help


    • Souvik Says:

      You can change the background color from the module parameter section. If you are not sure how to do this, you can email our support team at support[@]rswebsols[.]com. They will surely help you to configure the module.


  2. troublefree Says:


    this module isn`t work on Internetexplorer, in Firefox or Chrome it`s not a problem.

    Can you me help please?

    the website is


    • Souvik Says:


      We think there should be some missconfiguration in your website. Because if you notice our demo page in IE, it is displaying properly. So it is better if you contact our support team, and they will surely hep you. You can contact using this form:



  3. Ash Quadir Says:

    RS Spotter working fine on website. Installed CssJsCompress ( and now the spotter does not appear. Asked me to install Flash Player 9+ — which I have already installed.

    Should I exclude certain RSS spotter CSS and/or javaScript files from CssJsCompress? Which files?


  4. koyrdas Says:



  5. interad Says:

    Hi… Congrats for the great module. One Question…

    How can we make ot show Greek characters? Thanks in advance…


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