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RSFlashMatic is a Joomla Module works natively in Joomla environment. This is a highly customizable XML Image Rotator with more than 35 XML options, including the masking size and speed. You can control the position of the elements on the screen, the number of images, as well as the colors – all from XML. You can use this module in any size you need. This is a free extension. The features are:

  • Customizable width and height of the slideshow.
  • Customizable background color, position, size and transparency of the Navigation/Controller Bar. You can also able to customize the background color and transparency for each and individual images based on the image color theme.
  • Customizable Play, Pause, Previous and Next buttons.
  • Customizable Slide Duration and Transition time.
  • Customizable Image Link, Image Title and Image Caption/Description.
  • Slideshow can display all images from a folder. Or if you wish you can able to set individual images also.

Download – Module for Joomla 1.6.x, 1.7.x and 2.5.x

RS-FlashMatic (Module) – Version 1.5 – for Joomla 2.5


Download – Module for Joomla 1.5.x

RS-FlashMatic (Module) – Version 1.3 – for Joomla 1.5


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24 thoughts on “Download Page | RS-FlashMatic Joomla Extension

  1. Hi Souvik,

    I downloaded and got RS-Flashmatic runing on my website a week ago on Joomla 2.5, it seems to go great except for one thing. When you zoom in or zoom out (Ctrl + or – ) from your internet browser, the Slideshow does not change its size. What could I do to fix this problem?

  2. Good afternoon, and installed the module on my test page (the address I put on website) I did the installation in joomla 2.5, installed correctly, you post, but not shown, only gives the size of the slider but does not show the images … the images have to be of any particular extension?

  3. RSFlashmatic module not working in joomla 2.5 its showing flash support error.
    I have already installed latest version of flash player.
    Kindly solve this issue.

  4. Hello, thank You for your work… module is very nice. I am faci a problem .. if I try to install it on local host everything is going smoothly… if I try to install it on hosting server … the module does not install. Any idia about that, please ? Thank You in advance. Petr

  5. sir i got an error Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in /home/ceuhrd/public_html/modules/mod_rsflashmatic/helper.php on line 15

    • You need to install “PHP MBSTRING” module in your server. This is a very common module and in most of the server it is enabled by default. But unfortunately in your server it is not enabled. So please enable it from your server’s control panel, or please ask your hosting service provider to do the needful.

  6. sir i download your extension for free and i saw your link that when you buy it the powered by will be deleted, i download it for free but i dont see the powered by.. where is it?

    • When module runs nicely in your website then the link is hidden behind the slideshow images. If the module returns a error then the link will display. So in running condition the link is not visible to the visitors.

        • In regular use you can not see any advantage of purchasing it. And if you not purchase it, it will give our website a small seo credit by increasing our back-link. But if you are thinking about SEO boosting of your website, then it is advantageous that you will purchase a link-free copy. This will not transfer any SEO credit from your website to our website.

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