Convert Lotus Notes to Word

How to Convert Lotus Notes to Word Most Efficiently!

Lotus Notes to Word Conversion is very easy to migrate NSF documents to Word format. Day by Day technology change and every user want comfort zone. Because of the high innovative interface. The level of security it gives to information is brilliant, yet there are occurrences that request more security. Along these lines, on the off chance that you truly need to guard your significant NSF messages and confine it from unapproved get to then, Lotus Notes to Word change … Continue Reading…

Google Identity Program Featured

Why Google Identity Program is a Must for Mobile App Developers

Mobile app development companies have played a huge role in the eCommerce industry that is fueled by mobile applications development. Every smartphone user uses specific applications that suit their personal interests and purposes. As a result, it has become really important for mobile app developers to consider the aspect of security other than giving these end users a highly efficient experience with the products. The security concern The trend of using mobile applications for buying products or booking services is … Continue Reading…


Everything There is to Know About Real-Time Apps!

With technology ever advancing and improving, the world is a busier place and newer forms of communication and business are evolving together with technology at a rapid pace. For instance, there are those who run their business with the help of their mobiles courtesy the all-powerful smartphones and then there are apps that help users with anything and everything today. Thus, with a smartphone in hand, not only can you run your business, you can conduct financial transactions and even … Continue Reading…

Microsoft Windows 10

11 Lesser Known Amazing Features You Need to Know in Windows 10

Microsoft has made many categorical and specific changes in their later versions to make it more user-friendly and useful. Windows 10 Anniversary Update is out and the difference is visible. has carried some useful features from previous versions like super-fast start up and improved security features from Windows 8 and user-friendly features from Windows 7. Despite it, there are a lot of features which have made the life of common user easy. Let’s discuss some of these amazing features which … Continue Reading…

iOS vs. Android

Android vs. iOS: Which One Owns a Better App Permissions System?

Globally reckoned mobile operating systems, Apple and Google, are continuously striving to establish a unique stature in providing a failsafe privacy system to their app users. Both the tech giants are engaged in rendering dynamic mobile applications to their mobile users, every now and then. And, this is the reason, why “app permissions” have become a major concern among the mobile applications developers, service providers, and app users. Why ‘App Permissions’ are mandatory? Witnessing the splurging demand of mobile applications, … Continue Reading…

Android Developers - Android Development

How Android Developers Changed The World of Mobile?

Android holds more than 80% of the market share and is the most dominant Mobile OS currently. It is being run on in numerous models of tablets and smartphones, and also other devices. Going by this, you would be feeling android app developers are the reason for this. Yes, they most certainly are. Android has barged into every other person’s lives and apps are what make them popular. If you are planning to hire an android developer for an app … Continue Reading…


Web Application Development: Top 5 Things to Consider

Web applications are feature rich and resourceful application hosted on web server or cloud. Generally, these applications are complex, and more feature packed than usual websites. If you are a novice programmer or developing the web application for the first time, considering these 5 points would help you maximize your web application’s success. 1) Requirement Analysis: If you are an experienced developer you would probably know the importance of proper requirement analysis. You will be developing a solution based on … Continue Reading…

Convert Lotus Notes to Apple Mail

A Reliable Technique to Convert Lotus Notes to Apple Mail

Lotus Notes is an enterprise-level email platform that is mostly used in different organizations and workplaces. Every account of Lotus Notes is associated with storage NSF files for storing their data items. However, due to the complex interface users of Lotus Notes wish to convert their NSF files to another email client like Apple Mail. However, the user may wish to store the data in NSF file to other file formats like apple mail email Client for easy access and … Continue Reading…


Top 5 Multi-Platforms Movie Apps Available for Android & iOS Both

The internet acts as an infinite resource for entertainment, where we get to see movies, listen to songs, play games, socialize online. However, games and songs can be taken offline on our mobile phones; it is a bit difficult to carry all the movies we love on our mobile phones. Even extending the memories of our devices would give us choices of carrying a few movies. Previously, we used to see videos and movies online through the internet browser, which … Continue Reading…

Mobile App Design

Mistakes you Should Avoid in Mobile App Design

While the majority of the mistakes that developers make when designing applications are very specific, there are some general one that can happen even to the best of them, especially if they spend too much time on a particular project, and if they are not able to look at a bigger picture. It can be anything from having an app that’s solving the wrong problem, or it is missing some of the features, to designing an app that is brilliant … Continue Reading…

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