4 Instagram Marketing Innovations That You Can Implement Easily

Marketers all over the world are grappling with the opportunities presented by social media to enhance their brand presence, engage with customers more effectively, enable sales conversions and develop customer loyalty. Social media concepts and practices have also been in a state of dynamic flux with new platforms coming up regularly and customer preferences changing almost overnight. Just when marketers were getting used to the idea of establishing a brand presence on Facebook, Instagram with its focus on visual content … Continue Reading…

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5 Staple Channels for Digital Marketing – More They Change, More They Remain Same

If you want to make it big in the industry, you need solid marketing services. However, with the constantly evolving digital world, things are rapidly changing and it’s difficult to say what works. Brings me to the dictum “The more things change, the more they remain the same”. And in our world, this means that the staple digital channels you use to market your product and build your brand will continue to be what we’ve outlined below. Of course, the … Continue Reading…


Evaluating A Marketing Automation Solution for your Business

The vastness of the internet has created a separate world and a space full of business marketing opportunities. As more and more digital channels continue to flood the marketplace, the need for a comprehensive approach to omnichannel selling becomes a must for any small business, entity or enterprise. In 2016 it has been heralded the year for marketing automation. The reasons for marketing automation adoption include the following:Companies that invest in marketing automation will benefit on great return on investment (ROI). … Continue Reading…


Google Started Development of AdWords System for the Mobile Advertiser

In order to help consumers and marketers succeed in a world that is highly dependent on mobile technology, Google has made some innovations in its AdWords platform. The big reveal was made at the Google Performance Summit in May where they introduced new innovations for advertisements that are more suited to a mobile-first world. The upgrades are available for advertisers and aim at providing them – Let’s see how these new innovations might help advertisers provide mobile users with richer … Continue Reading…

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5 Tips to Help Run a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause marketing has been around for years. However, it will not be surprising if you just heard of the term recently. It was introduced back in 1976. The idea behind cause marketing is to give back to the community. Your brand has to be seen to give equal weight to both societal interests and business interests. But how do you run a successful cause marketing campaign? Although cause marketing has been around for decades, there is a new change today … Continue Reading…


How to Skillfully Use Copywriting to Boost Your Conversion Rate

In our day and time, copywriting and content creation are the touchstones of successful marketing, while higher conversion rates are the goals of every small or big business. Today we will analyze a few tips and recommendations on how to use copywriting to boost your conversion rate. According to recent statistics, we live in a “content shock” era – 25,000,000 pieces of content are shared every day. With so much content poured upon us, can we still be talking about … Continue Reading…

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5 Great Tools Every Content Marketer Needs in its Arsenal

Being a content marketer, especially if you are working hard to become a great one, also assumes having the right tools in hand. Working with proper tools does not mean that you are cheating, as they will only make you more efficient. And efficiency is highly appreciated these days, because time is a precious commodity for most people, especially for business owners. So, if you want what tools are the best to use when wishing to be a reliable and … Continue Reading…

Understanding Facebook Marketing

6 Simple Rules to Maximize Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook has successfully proved itself as the social media King and billions of its active users have made it an excellent advertisement platform for advertisers and marketers. Facebook, which turned out to be the biggest rival of Google ads, has introduced various advertisement features ensuring big returns on investment. Undoubtedly, Facebook’s advertisement features are very flexible and friendly but many online marketers failed to understand how to get most out of it. It simply means you just need to understand … Continue Reading…

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