Ideal PHP Web Development Environment for Beginners

Ideal PHP Web Development Environment for Beginners

PHP is general purpose web development technology. It’s around for roughly 20 years and the framework has seen many major updates/changes in years. PHP 7 is the latest release with many bug fixes and performance improvements. The report from BuiltWith and w3techs says PHP is most popular and widely used web technology. My ideal setup is consists of tools that help me develop stuff efficiently. IDE: Integrated Development Environment is a piece of software that helps programmers with auto code … Continue Reading…


New features of Laravel 5 – PHP Framework

Laravel 5 is one of the most leading and popular PHP frameworks among the Web Artisans. It is a latest and best web application framework with advanced query syntax  that makes web development simple and rapid by enabling general tasks that will be used in the majority of web projects such as route, queue, sessions, caching and authentication. Quick links: Laravel >> Website | Github | Wiki. Let us discuss some latest features of Laravel 5 in briefly: The following … Continue Reading…


10 Best Resources for CakePHP Development & Programming

CakePHP as a framework has been made easy with time by the community of developers who have years of experience working with the technology. The contribution of developers and experts has been focused towards fraternity goals and is available to you in comprehensive packages and easy-to-learn environments. Some of them are official and some are just the most famous places to grab information online. These amazing resources have been exemplifying in the way they offer you with the core knowledge … Continue Reading…

web directory

10 Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website

Prior to Google, Yahoo like search engines were created, web directories were the only source to the people to search out various information. They contained links to various websites and classified them in a manner that provided visitors to find the relevant information very fast, without putting much effort. Even though the expression Search Engine and subject directory often used alternately, but they are not similar. In the recent past, the utility and volume of the World Wide web has … Continue Reading…

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