Convert Lotus Notes to Word

How to Convert Lotus Notes to Word Most Efficiently!

Lotus Notes to Word Conversion is very easy to migrate NSF documents to Word format. Day by Day technology change and every user want comfort zone. Because of the high innovative interface. The level of security it gives to information is brilliant, yet there are occurrences that request more security. Along these lines, on the off chance that you truly need to guard your significant NSF messages and confine it from unapproved get to then, Lotus Notes to Word change … Continue Reading…


Workflow vs BPM: Which is the Best Business Automation Tool?

A business owner sets up an organization to create a unique brand value in its specific niche. For the desired organizational goals, you need to follow some robust measures that will take the visibility and popularity of your business to the next level. You should think out the ways to improve your firm’s efficiency and productivity using advanced technologies. Therefore, most of the businesses are making the use of Workflow automation and Business Process Management software that will help them … Continue Reading…

Social Media Marketing

5 Ways Social Media Positively Affects Mental Health

Social media platforms form a critical component of life in the modern world. However, the platform has both adverse and positive effects among participants. The impacts of social media platforms in your life depend on how you make use of it. Some people benefit from these effects while others get adverse results. This article focuses on ways in which social media positively affect human mental health. The intention is to ensure that you get the best from these platforms. Social … Continue Reading…

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Top 3 Search Engine Optimization Myths and Half-Truths

Search Engine Optimization has many myths that have spread like wildfire throughout the internet.  These myths are propagated by bloggers who often have never actually ranked a website.  They are just regurgitating what they heard and what sounds right, but what has little to no basis in what it really takes to rank a website well in Google for valuable search phrases. Google enjoys many of these myths.  They even help spread some of them because they want to make … Continue Reading…

Migrate from Magento to WooCommerce

How to Migrate from Magento to WooCommerce?

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms, whereas the ease of use makes the WooCommerce a preferred option for merchants. The small and size enterprises, which are striving hard to cut down operational business cost, need a platform that is safe, reliable, and economical to maintain. In terms of quality and reliability, there is no comparison between the two, because the choice depends on different business-specific factors. WooCommerce is a simple plugin that needs to be installed on a … Continue Reading…

Technology Business Innovation

The Future of Computing 5 New Innovations That Will Stun You

Advances in technology are happening every day, invisibly, all over the world. It can take months or years for most of us to hear about great advances in computing and other tech areas because most innovation won’t change our lives until that innovation becomes practically applied to our lives and those of everyday people. In 2015, smartphones began to replace computers for most simple computing needs, like internet searches and email, and supercomputers began to attack complex challenges: such as … Continue Reading…


Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing? (Infographic)

Looking for ways to leverage your marketing efforts? Why not try implementing influencers into your marketing strategy? Influencer marketing has recently been adopted by marketers across the globe in order to achieve their goals more effectively. There’s a good reason for this. Whether it’s with lead generation, boosting conversions, or gaining more loyal customers; influencer marketing has shown to be beneficial in improving all these aspects. Facts behind influencer marketing and its benefits If you’re skeptical about these claims, you … Continue Reading…

HVAC - air conditioner global warming summer hot

How Innovative Green Technologies are changing the future of HVAC

Technology is changing virtually every field in the world today and HVAC systems are no different of course. While there is no getting away from the fact that HVAC systems are power hungry in most cases, it is also true that there are cutting edge and innovative green technologies that are coming to the fore to change the future of HVAC. What has led to the rise of green technology? There are several important factors that have gone into the … Continue Reading…


Attract New Customers Using These Amazing Strategies

The process of starting a business is very similar to that of planting a new tree. We wait for both to reach a certain age before success starts blossoming. A seed cannot sprout and grow without the right amount of water, light, and warmth; any startup business will go up in smoke if the initial investment is not met with time, money and patience along with a foolproof business plan. Lastly, a tree needs food for all its parts to … Continue Reading…


5 Technology Tools you should be Using for your Business

Managing an entire business is hard work, especially when you consider how many different departments it has. You’re probably not on expert on every single subject there, but as an entrepreneur, you can’t afford not to be. Luckily, there are online tools that can help you keep everything in check while you focus on leading your business to success. Reach Out to Your Clients Once you’ve got everything set up, you need to bring the good news to your clients … Continue Reading…

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