Evoplus Q9 Car Charger Bluetooth Headset

Evoplus Q9 Car Charger Bluetooth Headset – Deal at $27.99!

In this article, I will be discussing one quite helpful gadget which can serve the purpose of our two most important activities while we are driving a car. The device is basically a Bluetooth headset with car charging option, and the name of the device is “”. This Bluetooth headset can be considered as a very important gadget which should be kept in our car for our own security and safety purposes. Also, currently an exciting offer is running on … Continue Reading…


Logmatic.io Review – An Operations Data Platform for Log & Machine Event

Logmatic.io is an information program for records as well as system functions. Here corporations develop their software program as well as the overall performance of the business by leveraging all system information by directing all records, metrics, and system function into an individual hub. Obtain a specific summary of what exactly is transpiring across your dispersed environments, and detect the issue in the haystack immediately. Capabilities and Advantages: 1. Made for everyone in the corporation: This tool has been created … Continue Reading…

Xiaomi VR 3D Glass

The New Xiaomi Virtual Reality 3D Glasses – Feature Review

Xiaomi is back with another new for us with its unique design and style. Xiaomi has always proved themselves, so let’s see what they have to gift us this time with its feature & specification. So I will try to introduce its features before you so who are waiting for a good VR glass to buy they can get some benefit out of this article. Let’s move forward for disclosing its specialty before you all. 1. Display & Design: The … Continue Reading…

Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT

Xiaomi (Huami) Launching a New Smart Watch – Xiaomi AMAZFIT

Again Xiaomi is back and launching a new product collaborating with Huami, known as . This is basically a smart watch which is specially equipped for monitoring heart rate more sensibly. As we all know that Xiaomi has never disappointed us with their any products in past. So keeping their past positive records in mind, we will very eagerly wait for this particular smartwatch that will be launching in the market very soon. Probably we can get the chance to … Continue Reading…


3 Awesome VR Glasses to Grab on this September from EverBuying

This article is about 3 awesome Virtual reality glasses which are very new and latest in this market. I will try to share out as much information I can so that you all can be benefitted especially those who are planning to purchase VR glass for themselves. If you purchase any of the below three products on this September, you can get additional discounts from EverBuying. So let’s see what are their features and specialty in respect to the others … Continue Reading…


Top 5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners by ILIFE on GearBest

The robotic vacuum cleaner is an interesting invention, especially for those who have become sick of listening excuses of maidservants. After knowing about the functionality of a robotic vacuum cleaner I am quite impressed with its ability to help our home with its unique techniques of cleaning. So those who are not yet still aware of this helping gadget, for them I am reviewing 5 robotic vacuum cleaners by ILIFE. All these 5 products you can purchase from GearBest at … Continue Reading…

PC vs Mac: What Makes the One Better Than the Other?

PC vs Mac: What Makes the One Better Than the Other?

PCs and Macs have been competing with one another for decades now. Nonetheless, there really doesn’t seem to be one winner. However, there are quite a lot of differences between these two different types of computers and this is what we seek to find in this article. There are also huge differences in both PC and Mac in terms of price, design, and customer support. Let’s check them one-by-one: 1. Design PC: When it comes to PC, the hardware design … Continue Reading…


6 Awesome Xiaomi Household Gadgets on EverBuying

If you are looking for any sort of information regarding household gadgets then this article may prove to be useful to you. In this article, I will be sharing out 6 exciting Xiaomi household gadgets which you can avail at a discounted price from EverBuying. Let’s see those. 1) Xiaomi Mi Smart Multifunctional Gateway: can serve you in multiple ways. It comes with 1200 internet radio broadcasting option that will help you to relax on your free time by playing … Continue Reading…

Android TV Boxes

5 Awesome Android TV Boxes on GearBest

Today I will be reviewing 5 Android TV boxes which you can get to buy from GearBest. These 5 TV boxes are doing pretty well in the market and they are quite reasonable also. Let’s see what we find in and why peoples are appreciating these TV boxes. 1) Beelink MiniMXIII: is something more than a regular streaming box. This particular TV box has the KODI media center which will help you to play almost all types of popular audio … Continue Reading…

HTC Vive VR Headset

HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset Feature Review – What you Get?

Today this article will be about HTC Vive virtual reality headset. HTC has launched the Vive earlier April of this year (2016). Currently, is the most advanced VR headset available in the market, especially for gaming. This is providing a totally new type of virtual gaming experience which is quite exciting for gamers. Without wasting much time let’s see its features. Through HTC Vive you can play your game by moving and navigating throughout the room by making it much … Continue Reading…

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