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10 Awesome Android Multimedia Apps Not Available on Google Play Store

This article is dedicated to those Android multimedia apps that you will not get in Google Play Store, but they are equally good or more than just good. Google in many cases does not accept apps whose principals do not match with Google’s, or who do not follow their rules and regulations or in one word those who violates their rules of guidelines. So here in this article, I will be discussing 10 awesome android multimedia apps that also have the … Continue Reading…

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Top 6 Best Selling Earphones / Headphones on EverBuying (As of May 2016)

This article will be all about the best selling earphones and headphones that you can get to purchase from the popular shopping site . We all love to hear music and for that, we need to have a good quality and feature rich headphone or earphone. So I will be discussing 6 bestselling earphones / headphones which you can get to buy from These products cannot just enrich your music experience but also can be helpful for many related … Continue Reading…

Xiaomi Yi II Action Camera

New Xiaomi Yi II Review – The Upgraded Version of Xiaomi Yi

Today I am reviewing the upgraded version of action camera, the new . Xiaomi has enhanced many aspects of Yi in the new Yi II, not only in the technical aspects but also in terms of looking. The price of Yi II is also quite increased from its predecessor. So here I will try to highlight all the specs of new Yi II comparing with the previous Yi and will see if the jump in the price is justified or … Continue Reading…

Top WordPress Hosting Providers

Top 10 WordPress Hosting Providers – Reliable and Fast

Here in this article, I will list and discuss on 10 most reliable and fast WordPress hosting providers. Nowadays website has become an important key factor for any businesses. Whatever you are running a small business or a big company, your business should have a website. When you decide for making a website, something always started to play in our mind. And among the huge thinking list, the one thing which really makes us worried is that how to complete … Continue Reading…

WorldSIM Nigma Smart Watch - Review

WorldSIM Nigma Smartwatch – Feature & Specification Review

This article will be a full product review of WorldSIM Nigma Smartwatch. WorldSIM recently introduced this smart watch with many exciting features, especially for the frequent travelers. Below I will try my best to find out more about this smartwatch and its most promising features. 1) Design & Display: At the very beginning when I started writing this article I could not stop myself from writing about its looking. Because this is the first thing I believe we all look … Continue Reading…

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Top 10 Best Selling Smart Watches

Are you searching for Smart Watches? Looking to purchase a new one for you? Or planning to gift your loved one? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are listing Top 10 Best Selling Smart Watches. Review the list. Hopefully, you will find the best match to buy your desired one. This list is updated daily, so you will always get the current updated rank & market report. Each listing displays the … Continue Reading…


TOP 5 Smart Wristbands / Smartwatch on EverBuying (As of May 2016)

This article is all about 5 top smart wristbands from Everbuying.Net. Having a smart electronics gadget on your hand can really make huge differences. So from now onwards it will be a great fun to maintain your health and fitness regime in a more interesting way. So today my main objectives are to bring forward you the 5 top smart wristbands which are doing very well over the . 1. SMA-BAND IP67 Smart Wristband: is basically given a rectangular shape. … Continue Reading…

Over-Ear Headphones

Things to Consider While Choosing your Office Headsets

The study shows over 70% of today’s office workers are still not using a headset when they’re on the phone.  Not only is not productive.  It causes shoulder and neck pains for the employee.  So which headset should you purchase for your office employee?  There are several factors to consider when purchasing a telephone headset: 1) Brand: Plantronics and Jabra (formerly GN Netcom) are the two biggest headset companies in the North American.  Between these two brands, they occupy 90% … Continue Reading…

Robotic Gadgets

Top 5 Robotic Gadgets for Your Home & Garden

Along with our fast lifestyle, the world of technology is also moving very fast. New products and gadgets are flooding the technology market every day. Tech companies are bringing attractive and utility-based products on a daily basis which can attract the eye of many customers. This is the time of time-saving machines. A robot, that can work independently, intelligently as well as do our every-day work efficiently will surely catch our attention. Here I am introducing 5 useful and utility-based robotic gadgets which … Continue Reading…

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Top 10 Messenger Apps for Android

This article is about the messenger apps for android. So we will basically know about the most popular 10 Android messenger apps which are running successfully in the market. This review can help us to choose the right apps for our smart device. Let’s begin the journey of research. 1. WhatsApp Messenger: WhatsApp Messenger is basically an app which can be run in different types of devices. And as a result of this cross-platform facility, we can simply enjoy exchanging … Continue Reading…

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