FAQ – RSFlashion (step by step instructions for first time user)

Extension Name: RS-Flashion | From: Nicki Nicki: I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to upload pictures to the RS-Flashion I just installed for my web page. I have tried to look up support for this but have not had any luck. I am looking for step by step instructions (first time user). Support Team: Thanks for your email. Please read this documentation (step-by-step instruction) first and try it: If you still have any configuration problem please let us know. Nicki: I actually found that document while browsing after sending support an email. I have everything set correctly however the below screen shot is what is appearing on my page: ###— ATTACHMENT HIDDEN—### It seems as though my images are not appearing and I have all of them located in the media manager in a slideshow folder. This is the link I copied into Image Folder:/home/rikluz/public_html/Joomla/images/myslideshow/. any suggestions? Support Team: Instead of “/home/rikluz/public_html/Joomla/images/myslideshow/” just use “images/myslideshow/” as your image folder path. Nicki: Thank you so much!